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Interior Felt Products


Felt is one of my favorite mediums for my homemade crafts. It is versatile and inexpensive, comes in a variety of colors, sustainable, and can be cut, sewn, and glued. Recently, I’ve also been enjoying them as interior decorator items as they emerge from being floor protectors on the bottom of furniture legs to beautifully crafted accessories.


Floppy Basket from Branch [an online store dedicated to sustainable design products]

Petal Mat: Cloud from Branchproduct manufactured by CraftedSystems, the Petal Mat is handmade as part of a job-creation program for homeless women in Portland, OR

Rugs, Cushions, Throws, Panels and more from Selina Rose – custom projects available

Interior Felt Products - Selina Rose

Interior Felt Products - Selina Rose Panel

Grid Wall Pockets from Mio [an online store with a founding principle to promote Green Desire: “Green Desire occurs when consumers actually crave products that are sustainable and responsible”]

Wobowl SoftBowl from Mio“Designed to minimize environmental impact, SoftBowls are produced using less than one tenth of the energy needed to create their ceramic counterparts.”

Das Rug & LBR (Little Black Rug) from John Pour Home – a collection of rugs cut by hand, on a “quest to challenge the conventional”





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